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Rotary Joints – Series DP


Maier-rotary joint are Solution for safe transfer of fluids. Commonly used in most industries like plastic, paper calender, converting, textile dryer, etc.

DP rotary joints are suitable for:
– hot and cold water
– modified design -800 for thermal oil
– Small Series also for hydraulic oil and compressed air
– high speeds possible due to low frictional torque
– can be delivered with Atex certification

DP is available in four variants:
– DP 06, the Small Series, page 11
– DP 10 up to 50 with variation -800, page 6 to 10
– DP 65 up to 100, the Large Series, page 12 to 15
– DPN, the Stainless Steel Series, page 16 to 18


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